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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Idea Map #7a - Fund Raising

Last night during Roger C. Parker's GMA (Guerrilla Marketing Association) call, we created an idea map as a group. Ron offered the topic of raising funds to support athletes who are visually impaired. Some of the other callers also contributed suggestions. This map is a work-in-process as last night's callers volunteered to provide additional information.

Ron - I heard you say something about Beijing. Is that one of the locations where the athletes compete or one of the camps?

Looking forward to adding more data to our map! I'll post a revised version once I have more of your input.

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Blogger rogercparker said...

Dear Jamie:
What a great idea. Thank you for creating the map based on caller suggestions and posting it so quickly.

Roger C. Parker

9:37 PM


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