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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Idea Map #35 - An Idea Tree

Roberto Vidales is an ecologist and has been using what he calls "idea trees" as a tool to develop an ecological-holistic view and consciousness about nature and the big challenges we are facing now as human beings -- like the global warming or climatic disaster. He uses this idea tree as an educational tool to share with friends, neighbors, local government authorities, and different audiences in Mexico City and surrounding areas. This is Roberto's second contribution to this website. To see his other map in spanish see http://ideamapping.blogspot.com/2007/06/idea-map-19.html.

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Blogger Steve Rothwell said...


This is superb. What an excellent demonstration of the value and pleasure of mind mapping a subject in detail. And what an excellent example of the use of mapping software - I love the inclusion of the photos. A memorable map

6:09 AM

Blogger Jamie Nast said...


Glad you liked it! I'll let Roberto know.


1:00 PM

Blogger ambidextrousone said...

Excellent work. Imagine how much faster people would accomplish tasks and jump out of silos if everyone in the organization @ a project or initiative were to use this tool.

11:38 AM

Blogger Jamie Nast said...

Totally agree!

12:13 PM


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