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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Idea Map #22 and a Miraculous Re-Connection

On Friday June 22, 2007 I posted a map from Janet forton -- a friend of mine that I had lost touch with. I had searched for her extensively when I was writing my book because I wanted to include this map which you see now. Two days after Friday's posting, I got an email from Janet Forton! I couldn't believe it! Yesterday we were able to catch up on the phone, and I learned that she hadn't even seen the posting. She was doing some research on mapping for a presentation and ran across my website. She and her family had moved to Pennsylvania where she is now the Director of a library.

Janet created this unique map when we both worked at EDS. She was going to China on a 3-month assignment. To help her young children, Janet created a window-a-day (90 days!) that could be opened on the various branches. Behind each window was a message to them for that day. I've never seen anything else like it -- and she told me she still has it today.

Serendipity in action...just had to share this story.

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