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Saturday, October 06, 2007

An Idea Map (#47) of the Idea Mapping Book

You will officially meet Kaye Nightingale from the UK via October's feature article in my column (Jamie's Idea Spot) in the Mindjet monthly newsletter. So this is your preview. Kaye sent me the first map (besides my own) that captures all the details from my book chapter by chapter. She used MindManager and created tons of links within the map. She stopped reading the book after chapter one when she realized she wanted to make a map of the book. Her blog entry tells her full story and a second posting shares the process of mapping a book. Thanks Kaye!

You can see a clearer pdf version of this map on my website under "Additional Maps". If you click on any column it will sort alphabetically and you can then search by author or title (An Idea Map of Jamie's Idea Mapping Book) of the map.

You can view the Mindjet Monthly Newsletters, subscribe to the newsletter, or download a trial version of software.

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Blogger Luciano Passuello said...

Hi Jamie,

Long-time reader (and webinar attendee), first-time commenter.

I also enjoy making maps out of books and appreciate your latest posts on the matter.

In case you're interested, I outlined the benefits and the process to create a map out of a book in the article How to Recall an Entire Book in 5 Minutes or Less.
You can also find a recent mind map I made from the book "One Small Step Can Change Your Life" here.

Hope you like it!

6:31 PM

Blogger Jamie Nast said...

Hey Luciano! Thanks for the info. I really like your suggestions. Is it OK if I download your map of "One Small Step Can Change Your Life" and post it on the blog at some point?

10:08 PM

Blogger Luciano Passuello said...

Jamie, feel free to use the map in your site if you wish - I would feel honered :)

I plan to post more mind maps soon on my blog - I will let you know when it happens, if that's OK for you.

6:22 AM

Blogger Jamie Nast said...

Please let me know when you post more maps. I'll direct people to your site.

I'll let you know when I post your map on this blog. I'm off to teach a workshop!

7:41 AM


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