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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Idea Map #10 - Fast 'n Furious from Steve

If you have been following the conversation between myself and Steve Rothwell (Reading UK) on the April 13th posting, you will be excited to see Steve's maps today. Idea Maps #10 and #11 (above) prove that your maps don't need to follow any rules or be beautiful to be effective. I'll let Steve describe this map in his own words:

"This was done at the bottom of my garden in a bound notebook and using an old Parker ballpoint. I had been sitting idly when inspiration struck. The purpose of this map was to capture embryonic thoughts as quickly as possible before the moment was lost. I was constrained by the notebook shape and size; hence the maps have a tendency to grow down and to the right. In places the lower map wanders up and to the left. How many rules does this break, I hear you ask?

I drew these in less than 2 minutes (and it shows) however these simple scribbles have driven major developments in my career."



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