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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Idea Map #53 - About Golf

Paul Shorock recently provided me with a rather intriguing idea map. He created this to explain golf's rules and etiquette when introducing his son-in-law to the game. The map includes multiple links to "how to" websites. Download a trial version of MindManager and map your favorite hobby! For the pdf version of this map go to my website. If you click on any column it will sort alphabetically and you can then search by author or map title, etc.

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Blogger Andrew Wilcox said...

MindManager is a great tool for understanding rules. Paul has demonstrated this to great effect.

Here is a subset of the Laws of cricket. The ones as an umpire you know well but none of the players seem to! The Little Known Laws!


Knowing which side of the line counts is an important matter, as the recent Rugby World Cup Final showed!

Note: the email address is no longer valid.

Rules for how many overs young people are allowed to bowl came in a few years ago. This map explains them on one page.


I also have a much larger map and set of web pages for the complete rules, which I created when studying for my umpiring exams.


Perhaps I will get my digital camera out and my Tablet PC to bring them up to date with photographs and illustrations.

2:21 AM


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