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Friday, February 01, 2008

Idea Map #76 - VizThink Breakout Sessions

I was fortunate to be one of the facilitators at the VizThink '08 Conference this week in San Francisco, CA. On Saturday I began to study the various session descriptions to see which ones I wanted to attend. I looked at a list of session titles which showed the time, location, and last name of the presenter. Then I would go to another page on their wiki to see the facilitators' photos (because we were meeting as a group Sunday night and I wanted to remember names), and then I would click through to their profile and session description.

This map (created in MindManager) put all that information into one place. Each main branch represents the time slot. Each sub-branch has the facilitator name, an image that represented their work or session, their photo, the session title & location, and a link to their web page or blog. If you want to see the LARGER and clearer pdf version click here. If you click on any column it will sort alphabetically and you can then search by author or title. Unfortunately the links were lost in the jpeg and pdf files, but you can see the live links here.

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Blogger Jay Dugger said...

Ah! I wish I could attend.

I'd like to point out that FreeMindShare will let you share mind maps much as Flickr lets you share images. Maps there will have working hyperlinks. The same holds true for Mappio (see your earlier post), and it accepts Mind Manager maps.

DISCLAIMER--I use both services, but do not work for or with either one.

Keep up the good work!

5:43 PM

Blogger Jamie Nast said...


I use mappio as well, but I'm having trouble loading the MindManager file. I wonder if the images make the file size too large. However, it's great to know that it keeps the live links. I'll email Alexander and see if he has any suggestions. Will also try FreeMindShare. Thanks for the tips!

7:20 PM


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